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IonWear® is an environmentally safe, low temperature surface hardening treatment process that combines the benefits ofIonitriding®andSteam Treating. It provides a highly wear and corrosion resistant ceramic in nature structure on any ferrous materials.The IonWear® process creates a multi-layered...
Group: Coating
Steam Treating
Improve wear and corrosion resistance with the "re-discovered"Steam Treating Process. Steam Treating achieves significant benefits for a wide range of metal parts. The process produces an oxide film on the surface of the part, thus enhancing its ability to retain lubricants.This critical ability...
Group: Coating by spraying method
Ionitriding® (Ion Nitriding or Plasma Nitriding) is a method of surface hardening producing nitrided cases, using the glow discharge technology to generate nitrogen ions to the surface of a metallic part for diffusion. This process is done in a vacuum vessel at low temperatures (750°-1040°F or...
Group: Nitration
Ionitriding® for Metal Forming
Ionitriding Improves: Hardness and Wear ResistanceFatigue and Bend StrengthCorrosion PropertiesLubricity and Metal Flow The stamping and forming industries have always been faced with costly downtime and expensive die repairs due to wear caused by metal flow. Now, there's a low temperature,...
Group: Ion-plasma nitriding of metal products
Salt Bath Heat Treating
The Salt Bath Process is used for the complete hardening of cutting and forming tools, and machinery components. Fast Heat-Up & Quench RatesUnsurpassed Temperature UniformityRepeatable Process/ Consistent ResultsZero Environmental Impact Customer satisfaction reflected in on time delivery,...
Group: Heat treatment of details


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